Pmay-g home loan interest subsidy 2023- lowest interest rate

Owning a home is a lifetime goal for every commoner in India. The current living index has made it quite challenging for one to purchase a home with their current savings after paying the monthly living expenses. Home loans offered by the banks and the upcoming pmay-g home loan interest subsidy scheme will become saviour for many potential buyers. Suppose you are looking to buy a home in conjunction with a home loan. Checking your eligibility for a home loan is the key step to keeping off unwanted rejections, as it impacts your credit score and hampers your eligibility for different loans any further.

Pmay-g home loan interest rate subsidy

Suppose you are a potential home loan borrower looking for affordable homes. The pmay-g home loan interest subsidy scheme that is expected to be released soon will benefit you a lot. A budget of 60 crore is expected over five years to benefit new home buyers. The new scheme could be a game changer for the real estate industry.

The government will be providing a 3%-6.5% home loan interest rate subsidy on housing loans up to 9 lakhs. The pmay-g home loan interest subsidy scheme is applicable for home loans of less than 50 lakhs spread over a period of 20 years. The home loan interest rate subsidy will be directly credited to the beneficiary’s home loan account.

It is all your home loan amount; tenure decides your eligibility for the pmay-g home loan interest subsidy scheme offered by the central government. To make the most of the benefit from the central government home loan scheme, make your preparations ahead of the scheme being announced.

There are a number of banks offering home loans to prospective customers. Filter the banks based on key criteria and get pre-approval for home loans to stand early bird to fetch home loan interest rate subsidy. However, you can keep your credit score high to be eligible for the best home loan interest rates, which is possible through smart credit card spending.

 How to filter banks for taking a home loan?

Lowest home Loan Interest Rates in India

Choose the banks governed by public authorities as they strictly implement the regulations and benefit the borrower with the lowest home loan interest rate possible. However, the home loan interest rates vary for each individual as per their eligibility. It is easy to enrol into the new pmay-g home loan interest subsidy scheme when applying for loans with trusted bank.

Choose reliable bank

Choose the most reliable bank with multiple branches across the country to serve customers. Home loan across India irrespective of the area you live in the country. Banks like SBI HDFC have branches spread across the urban and rural areas of the nation, facilitating easy access to every customer across the nation. It has also won The Most Preferred Home Loan Provider award, establishing itself as one of the most trusted banks in the nation for availing home loans. They offer the best home loan interest rates compared to other banks.

Many Home loan products

No single home loan product will fit the needs of every customer. When compared to other banks that offer loans, SBI and HDFC banks have a good fleet of home loan products to assist the different home loan needs of the customers. A few of these home loan products from SBI include SBI MAXGAIN, SBI pre-approved home loans, SBI reality, NRI home loans and many more.

Low processing fee

Every bank charges a percentage of a home loan as a charge to assess your eligibility against the loan applied. The meticulous process needs tedious work from the team, so they charge a processing fee. SBI, being a publicly run institution, charges a very low charging fee and, at times, no charges to offer cheap home loans to the customers. Even HDFC falls in the same line in changing processing fees for the customers.

No prepayment charges

This is the benefit you get from the most trusted banks, SBI, HDFC, ICICI, and Axis. If you get a home loan with a tenure of 30 years to keep your monthly EMI low, there is no need for you to wait for 30 years to close your loan. You always have a choice to pre-pay the loan amount, as in when you accumulate funds without any further charges from the lender. The bank has no prepayment charges to close the loan. You can close the home loan at these public banks at the earliest of your choice and reduce your home loan interest rate as the interest rates in the bank are charged on reducing the balance. You can choose to close the loan at a go before loan term without any charges from the lender, or you can make a partial prepayment of the loan whenever you can think of to reduce your home loan interest rates.

No hidden charges

The public-governed banks are aimed at serving the customers, unlike other home loan interest rates today that surprise you with the hidden charges on the final bills. The trusted and top banks stand transparent in all their charges and let the customers know what to expect from the home loan processing from the bank even before you process it. This helps the customer make an informed decision by notifying all the charges, including home loan interest rate subsidy.

Legal verification

Home is the biggest investment for most people in India; any discrepancies in the assets purchased will flush your savings and demolish your dreams of availing the home. When you purchase a home loan with trusted banks like SBI, ICICI, and HDFC, you can be assured that the asset is legally verified as part of home loan processing and is approved only after due diligence. If these top banks approve the project, the probability of legal issues is minimal.

Personal relation

Though the advantage seems to be illogical in the urban areas, it is true in the rural areas. Every household in the rural areas has an account with the most reputed bank, SBI; all the employees, including the branch manager, will have personal relationships with the customer, so it not only helps you in the quick processing of the loan but also provides easy resolution to any of your queries regarding the home loan products at the bank.

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